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Samantha Millbrook
Samantha MillbrookDoula - Nashville

I traveled ALL the way to Eugene, Oregon from Nashville, Tennessee to take this course with Heathir and I am SO glad that I did. I have to admit, I was worried that I would travel all that way and be disappointed. Heathir made me feel so comfortable and welcome. She explained things in a way that made sense to me and always left the floor open for questions. If I am ever giving birth in the proximity that Heathir could help me I would call her in a heartbeat. Thank you Heathir for helping me start this journey as a Doula off on a great start. I can't wait to learn, grow, and practice this work with the support of the strong, educated, and wonderful BAI community.

Gena Gerard
Gena GerardDoula - Los Angeles

Heathir's workshop was educational, inspiring, and therapeutic. She was patient as I asked every question I could possibly think of, and she answered them all! Heathir has years of experience and knowledge that she is happy to share with her students. After reading my student materials, many books, and attending a birth, I thought I knew a lot about being a doula, but I was WRONG!
We covered TONS of information and when it she saw that I was struggling with the postpartum depression part of the training, she offered me a sincere hug and kind words. It's not everyday you find someone so genuinely kind and caring. It's evident that Heathir's work comes from the heart.

Compassionate Education

I recognize that you arrive with a desire to improve birth and postpartum experiences. I also recognize that everyone holds their own stories of triumph and trauma. I am open to listen and facilitate a positive learning experience for you.

Booty Shaking

The truth is that to get a baby out, the best way is to MOVE!! You will learn lots of labor positions. I share techniques to encourage babies into the best position for birth. Also, my favorite ways to use the rebozo, birth and peanut balls.


Each training is truly unique as I adapt the class to the students who attend. While the core content remains the same, I leave plenty of room for your questions, comments, and discussion. Just as in birth, a plan must shift to match the everchanging needs and the unexpected.

Hard Things

I do not dance around topics like working with survivors of sexual assault, the effects racism has on birth, maternal and infant death, or postpartum mood disorders. If you are going to be doing this work then you must spend time with these topics before you encounter them.


I love it when you are learning, but it's even better when you are laughing too. We talk about some difficult topics and it is important to balance that with some laughter, fun, and creativity. You should enjoy your training! This isn’t an algebra class (sorry math fans.)


You don’t just wave a magic wand and suddenly have clients. I cover some important first steps to getting started. You will have more information and inspiration as you continue with the BAI certification program (at no extra cost.)

Curious what class will be like?

Starting something new can be exciting but it can also be a little scary. Discover what you can expect when you attend a training.