My approach looks different than what you may expect from a “business coach.” As a CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master, and Certified Professional Doula Trainer, I have alchemized my services to incorporate energy work, guided imagery, journaling, and more.

I help you learn how to tap into your inner wisdom and unleash your full potential.

Current Offerings

Uncover Your Authentic Brand – Launch or Re-Launch your business and start attracting your DREAM clients!

A grounded birth worker can support themselves and their clients from a place of overflow. The perfect way to care for yourself after a long birth or as monthly maintenance.

Helping you process and heal from birth trauma. This could be your own birth or a birth you witnessed.

The best way to start working with me is to book a Discovery Call.

I have packages and single sessions to meet your needs and budget.

As an intuitive empath, I needed to learn tools to become balanced and able to care for my clients in a connected way without depleting myself.

When I first started this work, I would become so connected to my clients that my menstrual cycle would shift depending on my client’s birth day. I left births feeling completely exhausted and remained that way for days.

While it is great to be connected to our clients, this was not a healthy level. When I practice the techniques that I have (and share with you) I can keep up my energy while remaining a connected and supportive doula for my clients.

This is why I share the things I have learned, we know how important the work you do is, and I want to make sure you continue to be out there serving your clients.