I want to help you tap into the potential that you already have within you as well as build your skills and knowledge so that you can confidently provide doula care to families in your community.

I go deeper than basic doula skills because just knowing how to do an amazing hip squeeze isn’t going to get you everything you need for a sustaining career. As a care provider, you are at risk of burn out. You need strong roots to keep on going and this is exactly why our curriculum goes deep.  For instance, I include times of story sharing, discussion, and journaling as well as work to help you get to know yourself better. I want you to begin your doula career feeling grounded and supported.

Above all, my classes are an open and honest environment. I recognize that we all come from different backgrounds and experiences. I respect those differences as we share and learn together. It is my goal to create a peaceful energy that contains respect and sacredness for everyone in the room.

You are welcome to attend regardless of your life experiences or gender. No matter if you are healing from your own birth story, have a triumphant birth story, or no birth story at all. you belong.

After completing the interactive doula training with me, you will continue the doula certification process online with Birth Arts International. You will have direct support from BAI Global Director, Demetria Clark.

Classes are taught in an intensive style and are offered for birth doula or postpartum doula certification paths.

What Makes Birth Arts Unique?

  • Lifetime Certification
  • An exclusive online group for BAI students.
  • Access to BAI Global Director, Demetria Clark.
  • Autonomy to operate your doula business the way you want.
  • New content is always being added to the E-learning classroom.
  • Flexible schedule fits into your life
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Reasons Doulas are Awesome! 

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