I want you to transform into your full potential. You have been called to be a birth worker. This sacred and compassionate calling will ask a lot of you. Going forward with a clear vision of your dream as well as the support and energy you need will make all the difference. I want to help you listen and trust your intuition and fully transform into the amazing birth worker you were born to be.

Not your typical doula coaching or mentorship program

Birth workers tend to be highly empathetic. While this can make you a phenomenal caregiver, if you are not properly grounded and replenishing yourself it can be become your downfall. This can affect you while working with your clients and moving about in the world. The beauty of this gift is that you are able to connect and understand the birthing client without a need for words. You share your calm energy with your client and bring positive feelings to the birthing room. As an empathic person, you can begin to experience exhaustion, health issues, and burn out. Unfortunately, some doulas end up leaving their beloved profession. I have witnessed this among the birth workers in my community. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Grow and Flow Workshop for birth workers includes:

Connecting Within – We begin by connecting to your intuition and listening for those whispers of mystery that you hold. I walk you through practical steps as well as using energy work to release and heal from things that are holding you back from thriving.

Rooting Down– Next, I help you discover the power in grounding yourself. You will uncover techniques to help you stay calm and cool in moments of high emotion and stress without being affected by the energy of others or drained of your own. For this, I will be equipping you with Reiki for self-care and self-love. You will leave the day as a level 1 Reiki practitioner.

Manifesting your Dream– Finally, we play with the potential for a birth business that aligns with who you truly are so that this work can be sustainable and powerful. You will go on a guided vision quest to connect with your inner wisdom and gain direction for your business.

My support is offered to all birth workers in private sessions or groups.

As I travel, group & individual sessions will be offered. My time is limited in each city, so individual session will be limited. Groups will be kept at an intimate number so that I have time to work with everyone attending. It is highly recommend that you book early.

Grow & Flow Individual Session includes:

Intention Setting- We will speak on the phone prior to our session to discuss your intentions for the session.

Do you wish to heal from a traumatic birth experience you need help letting go of? Perhaps you are looking for a clear vision and direction for your business? Maybe you are wanting a renewed energy to jump back into or kick start your practice.

Our time together can look lots of different ways depending on your need but it usually includes some of the following:

Connection and Grounding – Grounding through a guided meditation. Feeling connected and supported is an important first step and one I hope you take with you out of the session.

Following your magic- Using intuitive healing techniques, I follow your own inner wisdom to unwind and clear any blockages that your body and mind may be holding. We can release old trauma and fear in a gentle way leaving you energized and ready for whatever life brings.

Moving Forward- After our session, you may continue to release and process your experience. It is highly recommended that you journal for at least the week following your session. You will receive follow up communication after your session to discuss your experience and answer any questions.

My Story

In my own journey I have become much more balanced and able to care for my clients in a connected way without depleting myself. When I first started this work I would become so connected to my clients that often my cycle would shift so that my period would start when my client gave birth. This was throwing my cycle off by weeks or causing me to have two periods in a month. Not to mention being completely drained for days after my client had her baby. It’s great to be connected to our clients but this was a not a healthy level. When I keep my practice of the techniques that I share and coach my students on, I am able to keep up my energy while remaining a connected and supportive doula for my clients.