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Grow & Flow Individual Session includes:
Intention Setting- First we discuss your intentions for the session. Do you wish to heal from a traumatic birth experience you need help letting go of? Perhaps you are looking for a clear vision and direction for your business? Maybe you are wanting a renewed energy to jump back into or kick start your practice. I follow your lead to provide what you need at this moment.
Connection and Grounding – We begin by grounding through a guided meditation. Feeling connected and supported is an important first step and one I hope you take with you out of the session.
Following your magic- Using intuitive healing techniques, I follow your own inner wisdom to unwind and clear any blockages that your body and mind may be holding. We can release old trauma and fear in a gentle way leaving you energized and ready for whatever life brings.
Moving Forward- After a session, you may continue to release and process your experience. It is highly recommended that you journal for at least the week following your session. You will receive follow up communication after your session to discuss your experience and answer any questions.


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